Running In Place

Jay Stanley, July 18, 2014 Comments

When it comes to working capital performance, companies are going nowhere.

That’s the headline takeaway from REL’s latest annual survey of working capital performance among 997 large U.S. nonfinancial public companies. In 2013 the three components of working capital — receivables, payables, and inventory — showed scant change from 2012. Overall, average days working cap...

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Working Capitals Importance

Bitcoin Vault Elliptic Secures £1.2m Backing

Telegraph Editorial , July 17, 2014 Comments

Elliptic, the UK-based insured Bitcoin storage service, has raised £1.2m in seed funding from Octopus, marking the UK’s first major venture investment into the cryptocurrency.

Octopus, the venture fund, has led a £1.2m investment into Bitcoin vault Elliptic, in a deal that adds further credibility to the digital currency.

Launched just six months ago, Elliptic stores ...

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Bitcoin Value Rising

3 Ways Big Data Is Changing Financial Institutions Forever

Bernard Marr, July 15, 2014 Comments

Big data and financial services are natural match – after all, with nothing to manufacture, and no physical product to sell, data is the bedrock the industry is built on. On top of that, most of their business is quantitative – they mainly deal in good old-fashioned numbers – the simplest data to record and analyse.

But therein also lies the problem – because of its sim...

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Big Data Changing Finance

Millions Of Transactions Mean Cash Complexity

David McCann, July 10, 2014 Comments

KAR Auction Services may touch more cash in a year’s time than any company you’ve never heard of. We’re talking about $27 billion. Only $2 billion of it is KAR’s revenue, but the company generates some nice float from the rest.

KAR is a holding company for three businesses. One, ADESA, is a used-car auction operation. In...

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Measuring Transactions

11 Market Trends in Advanced Analytics

Thor Olavsrud, July 14, 2014 Comments

In today's business environment, organizations are increasingly demanding advanced analytics that allow them to use large volumes and diverse types of data to discover patterns and anomalies and predict outcomes.

"Our research makes it very clear that advanced analytics is rapidly becoming fully integrated into the operations and decision-making processes at companies across many different ind...

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Important Trends

Color Of Money: Big Data Is Watching You

Michelle Singletary , July 03, 2014 Comments

I'm a glass-half-empty person.

I say this as a way to express my feelings about a report released by the Federal Trade Commission on data brokers, companies that collect and sell consumer information.

Whenever I've been searching for a product online, I often see pop-up ads later, as I'm moving from one Internet site to another, pitching the same item. Frankly, it's creepy. But, here's...

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The Color Of Money

Capital Performance

Comments Jay Stanley, July 18, 2014

Bitcoin Backing

Comments Telegraph Editorial , July 17, 2014

Financial Institutions

Comments Bernard Marr, July 15, 2014

Cash Complexity

Comments David McCann, July 10, 2014

White Papers

  • Five Keys To Successful Collaboration

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    In this report, HfS examines how to build a collaborative partnership, specifically through the lens of an industry prototype that Genpact and AstraZeneca have established together.

  • Finance 360° Insight

    EPM Channel, Wednesday, January 30, 2013   // Comments

    We’ve known for a long time that Finance has the potential to deliver game-changing value to the organizations they support. If we’re honest, we also know that Finance hasn’t always delivered on that potential. We even know the root reason why – the fact that Finance spends too much time on mechanics and...

  • FP&A Today – Vitalized by Innovation

    APQC, Monday, December 03, 2012   // Comments

    A number of promising innovations that touch both financial processes and technology are energizing finance executive who focus on financial planning and analysis (FP&A). This was clearly obvious at ...



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